Inglot in Poland

Last week a group of friends and I travelled to Poland for a city break. When we decided to visit Poland it was a given that Inglot would be hit haard!!

Inglot in the Galeria Kazimierz (Shopping centre), Krakow was the nearest outlet to us and we had picked our last day to visit. The shop was nothing compared to the Irish stores, it was very small in size and there was only one women working behind the counter, god love her haha. The majority of us had lists made out on our phones of the products we wanted, this was a huge help to the women as she had very little English. A few minutes later a colleague of hers arrived to work, she too helped out with our lengthy lists of Inglot goodies we intended to buy.  All in all I spent 485 zlotys which converts to nearly €120 (at the moment!) I have attached a picture of my receipt below.

I bought 15 eyeshadows, Duraline, a HD Highlighter and a few brushes!

I really regret not buying more and it is definitely worth the trip to Krakow for the savings alone!


Although visiting the shop was unforgettable, I would say that the City of Krakow had much more to deliver with its beautiful sights and tours! I would hope that anybody who visits purely for Inglot would visit the historical features around the city too!


Below is my friend with her extra large bag of Inglot treats 🙂



If you have any questions regarding anything please do not hesitate in asking


Laura x


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