Dupe of Artis brushes

Everybody loves a dupe, so today I have decided to let you in on a few secret identical brushes for the super famous Artis brushes that you see every single Instagram user posting in their month faves.

If we cant buy we can always pretend we did, girls 😉


Firstly I am going to show you what the actual Artis brushes look like and how much damage they would be doing to your bank account. As you can see in the below image, for an average size oval brush it would set you back $55 so around €50.


Artis Oval Brushes

I have taken the above image from www.artisbrush.com


WELL call me a superhero and hand me that cape because I have found you not one, not two but THREE different look-a-like versions of the above Artis brush.



Cailyn O! Wow Brush

Cailyn O WOW


I know its not much of a difference price wise but I have been using this brush since February of this year and it is definitely worth the price. It makes my foundation and concealer glide on my skin. The above picture is from CailynIreland.ie , this is where you can buy the brush, there are also many stockist all around the country. I picked mine up from my local Pharmacy.





Flawless Wonder Brush


Flawless Brush

The second dupe is from Flawless, it is their version of the brushes and it does pretty much the same job. I find this brush to be really dense and personally I do not like it at all. I know all of my friends think it is the bees knees, but I prefer the Cailyn version. This picture is from the Meaghers Pharmacy website which is a great stockist for Flawless brushes of all kind, I bought my Flawless brush at the Irish Beauty Show 2016.



Pennys/ Primark version




I know what you’re thinking, what the hell? a Pennys/ Primark version of the Artis brush? I can honestly hold my hands up and say it is pretty much the exact same as my Cailyn brush but a tad smaller. For something that is cheap as chips, it really works!! The above picture is my own and the Pennys/ Primark version is the gorgeous rose gold brush in the middle. I definitely recommend picking up one or two next time you’re in, they are €4 and I purchased mine last week.







Above are all three dupes. Hope you enjoyed this blog post and as always if you have any questions, do not hesitate 🙂



* I have not been asked to promote these brushes, the views are my own on above named brushes and I have purchased all three out of my own money. 



Laura x


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