P.Louise Make up Tutorials ♡

So everyone and their mother have been raving about P.Louise’s makeup and how to achieve the perfect P.Louise eye.

I first came across this stunning salon from Instagram ( plouise_makeup_academy) and I have been dying to know her secrets ever since.

Today I decided to explore the experience of creating that signature flawless eye by buying a makeup tutorial on the website. It was £4.99 which was €6.20 for me, alot of people crib about paying to learn her technique but hey, business is business at the end of the day and I certainly have no problem paying for tutorials. Once you buy the video you can re-watch it as much as you want until it expires 4 days after purchase.

I bought the “P.Louise Signature Look”, it was an in-dept and detailed video which told you the brushes,makeup products and methods to use when re-creating this much loved face. I learned loads and came out with a shopping list the length of my arm!!

I would 100% recommend watching these videos if you, like me, want to change things up with your boring old makeup or are starting freelance makeup artistry. I know for a fact I will be buying more tutorials in the future.


If you have any questions about the purchasing of videos and what not, do not hesitate in asking questions 🙂


* This is just my general opinion, review of her tutorials. I paid for this video with my own money. The picture featured was taken from http://www.plouise.co.uk


Laura x




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