Ring Light 💡

When taking photos of your face of the day, to show off your gorgeous creation, the best of lighting is key. I live in Ireland where it unfortunately rains 99.9% of the time so I can’t rely on natural lighting 😦
I’ve often drooled over the thought of buying a ring light,I was researching and researching and found Neewer Ring Lights on Amazon for cheap enough.

I came across this beauty the Neewer Camera Photo Fluorescent Ring Light.

but being a student, it is a dream that will just have to continue. This inspired me to use my creative skills and try and make one.

On a recent trip to Pennys/ Primark, I found these LED light strips for €2.50 this influenced me further to try and create a DIY Ring Light.

Sourcing a ring was wracking my brain, until I was in EuroGiant where I came across a frisbee that was in the shape of a ring. It was ideal! And just €2.50

So I present to you my budget DIY Ring Light, which cost me a whopping €5!!!


My creativity is endless haha.

Here is a before and after/ with and without the Ring Light. My skin is literally glowing in the right picture (with the ring light) and you can see all my imperfections and pores in the left picture (without the ring light) 

Disclaimer: this was not really my idea although I did source the items myself! 

Also the above photo has not been edited or touched up to show the reality of lighting. 

Laura x


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